Bookkeeping services

Simple, Affordable, Hasslefree

Our Goal.

Quite simply, to take away the stress and hassles of bookkeeping to small business owners nationwide.

Our completely paper-free process means our service is fast, efficient and affordable, enabling you to concentrate on your key strengths, selling your product or service.

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Step 1 – You send

Send us your purchase invoices, supplier statements and any other documentation via our online storage system.

Step 2 – We crunch

Behind the scenes we do the number crunching.  After we have processed all new items, we will revert with any questions we may have.

Step 3 – Reports issued

We return to you a set of reports covering the period processed which can include Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash-flow & budget forecasts

Fully modular

Tailored services based around what and when you want it.


Never worry about falling behind in your accounts again.  We’ll turn around your accounts in 7 days.


No confusing mumbo-jumbo, just the information you need to run your business.

Other services

iMind Your Business offers a range of other services focused on the Back Office operation of your company.

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